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About Open Source GIS Data

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Purpose of Open Source GIS Data

The purpose of this website is to provide a place for people to find and utilize open source GIS data. From local government sources to globally available sources, this is the place to find them and learn how they can be used.

Topography, weather, hydrology, ecology, social, conflict, administrative and many more types of data are at your fingertips here.

Special Thanks

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."

Sir Isaac Newton

I want to thank Joseph from for curating and maintaining his list of 3000+ ArcGIS rest servers. This list is one of the largest collections of federal, state, and local GIS data sources.

Next I would like to thank Ben Millard from for creating a web application with an API using Joseph's list of sources. Using this API has allowed me to easily add thousands of sources to this website for every state and US Federal Agency.

Start Exploring the World Through Different Lenses Using Open Source GIS Data Today

Unlock new understandings of the world around you by exploring GIS data. GIS data goes beyond boring spreadsheets. View data using free applications or web portals and begin creating your own maps.

You never know what you might find until you start looking. Start by finding data around your local area or a topic you are interested in. Check out the home page for inspiration or click through the categories.

Are you from the United States? Start exploring data sources from your state using the United States Data Index by using the map and clicking on your state. Explore the Geo Portals or by using the rest service link directly with you own GIS.